A $2 million opportunity to improve the lives of older adults in southwestern Pennsylvania


Why this challenge

Improving the well-being of older adults guarantees a better future for us all.

Fact 1

Southwestern Pennsylvania will experience a 40% increase in the number of people ages 65+ by 2030, and a 75% increase in people ages 85+ between 2030-2045.

Fact 2

When middle schoolers are paired with older adults through programs in and out of the classroom, their academic performance, family dynamics, peer relationships, and depressive symptoms improve.

Fact 3

Older adults with positive attitudes about aging display better physical, cognitive, and mental health, higher self-efficacy, and lower rates of decline. They are also more likely to engage in preventive health behaviors.

Fact 4

A meta-analysis of studies on the benefit that volunteering has on older adults found it decreases the risk of mortality by more than 20% among adults over 55.

Fact 5

In the United States, negative age stereotypes and self-perceptions are linked to worsening health conditions in older adults, which in turn lead to excess annual costs of $63 billion.

Fact 6

A randomized controlled trial of adults over 60 who volunteered with elementary students found improved reading skills and behavior in the children, and better executive function in adults.

How to Participate



April 12, 2022
Do you have a big idea to improve the lives of older adults in southwestern Pennsylvania?  If so, register your eligible lead organization for the Healthy Aging Challenge by Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 5:00 PM Eastern.


May 10, 2022
After registering, refine your idea and your team (which must include member(s) of communities impacted by your solution) and submit your application no later than Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 5:00 PM Eastern.
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Peer Review

June 2022
Valid applicants will review and provide feedback on five fellow submissions using the scoring rubric. A subset of top submissions will advance to the Evaluation Panel. All participants will receive their peers’ feedback.
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Evaluation Panel

July 2022
Five local and national experts will review and provide scores and comments on submissions. As with Peer Review, all scores will be normalized for fairness, and feedback will be released to applicants once review is complete.
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Awardee Cohort Selection

August-September 2022
Henry L. Hillman Foundation will review top-scoring submissions to select up to four Awardees who will receive a $500,000 grant and become part of a yearlong collaborative learning cohort.
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